TMS Therapy Testimonials

We first heard of TMS (Trans Magnetic Stimulation) through a doctor friend of ours and began researching it before deciding to give it a go.  Our son has suffered with Major Depressive Disorder since he was a young child.  He was first put on Prozac at 6 years of age and the improvements that it made was significant.  However, his depression and suicidal thoughts never completely dissipated as he grew.  We continued with medication & weekly cognitive Behavioral therapy throughout his childhood, teenage, and college years.  As new medications were added to attempt to control his depression, along came side effects-  significant weight gain, muscle pain, lethargy, lack of laughter & spontaneity.  But we had no choice, unmedicated we are convinced he would not be alive today.

To be honest, we were skeptical of TMS.  Nothing else seemed to work long-term, fully, or without major side effects.  And then there was the price with absolutely no help from our insurance company.  But we decided no price tag could be put on our son’s life and quality of life.  We committed to 6 weeks of 5 days per week of 40-minute sessions. In the first 4 weeks, we noticed nothing which we were forewarned of. But then, something magical began to happen.  After each morning session, our son came out with energy, a smile, and actually wanted to talk to people.  After 6 weeks, the changes were astounding.  For the first time in his 21 years of life he was depression free- a feeling he could not remember ever experiencing before in his life. In addition, there were none of the major side effects associated with the medications used to treat Depression/Mood disorders.

Because his Depressive Disorder has been so resistant to medication and difficult to treat, TMS has not cured him completely.  He is still on medication and he is someone who needs and greatly benefits from regular TMS treatments to be functional in life.   We are so grateful to the doctor who first suggested TMS, for Dr. Botkiss and his kind, loving staff, and for the invention of TMS.  TMS has been the most beneficial treatment tool in helping with our son’s debilitating depression and giving him his life back.  We will be forever grateful!   –  Deanna D.

I have had a tumultuous battle with Treatment Resistant Depression for 25 years. I know I do not have to tell fellow sufferers that this is more pain than any human being should ever have to experience. I had zealously and compliantly taken literally every M.A.O.I. and Anti- Depressant Medication, and tried every treatment there is for Major Depression. One of the Doctor’s I was so fortunate to have during a prior hospitalization knew my struggle. Dr Phillip Botkiss phoned me personally to let me know about this treatment for Major Depression called TMS Therapy-Tran Cranial Magnetic Stimulation. I felt I had to try this even though from the very beginning of treatment my family and I had major doubts. Guess what? IT WORKED!!! I could not believe it. I feel better than I have in years. If you are suffering, please look into trying TMS. I Thank God I did. – Sonja T. (Read Sonja’s whole testimonial on the effectiveness of TMS in her life here)

Success! TMS is something to rave about. No longer has depression ruled my life in a chaotic existence. As of 12/28/2014, I have achieved 2 years of remission from depression. After suffering from it for 30 years, TMS was the game-changer. My depressive symptoms have subsided and I feel “normal” once again.

Dr. Botkiss has slayed the depressive dragon using TMS. It’s once powerful grasps have been alleviated. Dr. Botkiss is a true advocate of depressed patients. He has trailblazed the advent of the FDA-approved remedy for depression. TMS is now a reality for many depressed patients.

Seeing me wilt after 180 ECT treatments, Dr. Botkiss enlightened me to TMS, a newer form of depression therapy. Utilizing an oscillating magnet to excite the neurotransmitters into the synapse, readying them to be picked up by the surrounding neurons, TMS is the kindler, gentler way to relieve depressive symptoms.

TMS is unlike ECT, which treatments cause a seizure, squeezing the neurotransmitters out of the neuron, like wringing out a wet sponge. No longer do I endure the travesties of ECT treatments. The IVs of anesthesia, the muscle-debilitating drugs, the stupor when arousing, the confusion, and the memory losses were alleviated with the introduction of TMS.

I relaxed through 36 treatment sessions of TMS. Yes, there was the tap-tap-tapping of the oscillating magnet, but I soon phased the sound out. Instead, I watched interesting National Geographic and comedy movies on the flat-screen TV.

Now, thoughts of suicide remain dormant. Instead, a sense of normalcy ensues. My mind is clear and life enthralls me. My goals are achievable dreams becoming realities. Challenges abate into bite-sized morsels.

I thank Dr. Botkiss for illuminating my life into balance and hopefulness. By utilizing TMS, obstacles are surmountable. TMS has been my lifesaver. – Tamara

TMS is working on me in a fashion I thought impossible. 23 treatments and I have my mind “back” and a normal thought process. You cannot imagine what hope and relief “right” now is mine. – Edwin D.

I recently underwent TMS treatment with Dr. Botkiss and it has been a miracle for me. I was severely depressed for almost one year and in the past have had other depressive episodes, though less severe. Despite great care with medication and intensive outpatient treatment, this illness was overwhelming. When I was referred to Dr. Botkiss, I was suicidal and held little hope for the treatment but I trusted my doctor and my husband and began the 6 week process. By about the 4th week, I remember saying to my husband that I wanted to go out for lunch on a Saturday. I had been leaving my home only for doctor’s appointments or tasks. My desire to do anything was nil. So, this was a big change for me, though it may seem quite small. Over the next days and weeks, I began to feel better and better and feel happy again. A cloud has lifted which was not only dark and gloomy but at time life threatening. I can’t say enough about TMS, Dr. Botkiss and his technicians Cara and Mirabel. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from depression to try TMS as this treatment has saved my life. – Sue

Depression has accompanied me most of my adult life and by most people’s standards, I have been very high functioning. I have been on almost every medication for depression and seen dozens of therapists for over 20 years. I will most likely always need medication for depression (like insulin to a diabetic)– as my family gene pool is flooded with major depressive disorders. For over 2 decades and shortly after leaving an abusive marriage… thoughts of suicidal would surface every time something unfortunate happened in my life. These thoughts of suicide were beyond my control– even with the best medications and therapy. TMS has changed most of that. I have never made a suicide attempt in all these years, however, for me to not think of suicide as an option in life, is a miracle to me.

While the circumstances of my life are far from optimal and I am still walking through major firestorms in life– TMS has nearly completely removed “years”of suicidal ideation. These recent firestorms include: an adult daughter with 6-7 suicide attempts in the last year, a break-up of a 17 year relationship, health issues, loss of a business, job, … the list is endless, quite frankly. However, I am pretty sure there is a happy life on the other-side of it all. I have emotional support from members of my family, however– that has not helped my depression all that much in the past (sadly enough). I truly believe TMS has created some “good brain chemistry” that is finally in working order… or working much better, at least. I can attribute this only to TMS. There are no other unknown factors or equations in my life, expect TMS. These sessions have helped me far beyond my expectations– I began to feel better by the 2nd week of TMS.

Beyond the TMS treatments, Dr. Botkiss is a a compassionate, remarkable human being. There are few doctors that are so personable and so available with their time– his availability was unheard of! He actually said I could contact him on vacation on his cell phone. I never took him up on the offer, but it was greatly appreciated. He staff is genuinely warm and caring. Dual therapy– staff to talk to (or not) and a medical procedure at the same time. The procedure itself is not painful, it took some getting used to– but it is not painful, whatsoever. It is a time commitment, but the fact it starting working for me into the 2nd week… made it much easier. I began to look forward to it, knowing I was actuallyS getting better. ECT was never much of an option for me, because I wanted to work to support myself (I could) and more importantly, I was very fearful of memory loss from ECT. Thank goodness for me, I was able to get help without having to take the extreme measure of ECT. Thank you, Dr. Botkiss. – BCS, R.N.

Last September, I took a swift dive into the abyss. One day I was flying home from Michigan, the next day I could not get out of bed.

I have been on medication for depressive episodes since age 18. During my life, I have had several bouts of depression all with suicidal ideation; with a couple of attempts. I have been tried on just about every class of antidepressant made. I was placed on lithium to augment antidepressant medication for over 30 years. I now have permanent kidney damage.

3 episodes were treated with ECT.

Never thinking I would ever sink this low again, I was desperate to end the despair. I knew I needed ECT again, but when educated about TMS, I chose that route. TMS ultimately does what the experts think ECT does. I was hesitant to go through 3 times/week of general anesthesia, but willing to do so. Sitting in a comfortable chair for 37 minutes everyday for 6 weeks seemed much preferable. At the beginning of TMS treatment, the most I could do each day was get out of bed, get dressed, and get driven to the office of Dr. Botkiss.

The technicians working in Dr. Botkiss’ office are compassionate, knowledgeable, and flexible. One technician came into the office to administer my treatment on Thanksgiving day! That is supreme dedication!

I started to feel better during the 4th to 5th week into the treatments. Everyday I went to the session, I got encouragement to continue. It was a challenge for me to have faith that I would feel better. I never believed I would ever improve. With a medication change, TMS, and the consistent help of Dr. Botkiss and my own psychiatrist I recovered. – Beth

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