About Us

Botkiss for TMS Therapy San Diego focuses on the use of rTMS for treating depression notably on patients who have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and treatment resistant depression. For such patients, TMS Therapy is available in our clinic through the prescription of a psychiatrist. This procedure is a non-drug treatment and a good alternative to ECT.

At Botkiss Center for TMS Therapy San Diego, we strive to apply TMS Therapy and other methods of therapy that involve physical or electrical therapeutic treatment to help people improve the quality of their lives. We accomplish this by:

  • Continuously improving our treatment protocols
  • Expanding our care service centers as demand increases
  • Continuously developing the capabilities and knowledge base of our staff and associates
  • Tracking patient progress before and during treatment
  • Maintaining regular contact availability following treatment to our patients

Costs of Service

Botkiss Center for TMS Therapy San Diego believes in providing quality patient care, and affordability for our patients is important. Due to its innovative treatment and proven efficacy, NeuroStar TMS Therapy may be covered by your insurance health plan. Many insurance companies have established medical coverage policies for NeuroStar TMS Therapy. You can check the Neurostar website to see if your insurance carrier is one that covers TMS Therapy.

Cost is determined based upon your treatment schedule. 4-6 weeks of treatment is typically needed for maximum benefit. Financing options are available, including spilt-payments, prompt-pay discounts, and outside medical patient financing plans. Please call to schedule a consultation.

We will make use of NeuroStar’s billing assistance program in order to help file with your insurance and advocate with you for this effective and FDA approved treatment of Major Depression where appropriate. The best way to get started is to fill out the NRS Benefits Investigation Access Form and email it to our office.

If your insurance does not cover the therapy, My Medical Loan Financing is an alternate financing option.