Welcome to Botkiss Center for TMS of San Diego, CA

A leader in treating depression with TMS Therapy and Ketamine.

We provide patients in San Diego, CA and surrounding area of Southern California the latest in depression treatments. We are pleased to be able to offer Neurostar® TMS Therapy to our patients. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced depression treatments available. This non-invasive, outpatient therapy is FDA cleared and has helped thousands of depression patients who have not received adequate results from antidepressants.

In addition, Ketamine is now being offered as an innovative, cutting edge and effective treatment for severe and debilitating depression. It has also been shown to be effective for management of other psychiatric illnesses including PTSD, addiction, OCD, and certain pain disorders. The therapeutic effects from ketamine can be almost immediate which makes this a unique treatment in the field of psychiatry. It’s been shown that the most effective route of administration for ketamine is through intravenous infusion. This is done at our clinic under the supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist for maximum safety. This is typically not the case at most clinics that are run by psychiatrists.  Please view the video below and other parts of this site for further details about this exciting and breakthrough treatment.

TMS on the Daily ShowComedian Neal Brennan discusses how TMS Therapy did more for his depression than any other treatment (clip starts at 2:30).

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